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And the King will say, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these My brothers and sisters, you did it to Me!"                                                                                            Matt 25:40

         HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS         


My name is not important... On February 6, 2019 my faith increased....


The time was roughly 12:30 p.m.  I just finished a recording with a local pastor in Providence, RI...

As I was getting into my truck, I felt a very strong desire for something to eat and decided to stop at a little take out restaurant close to the church where I had just come from a taping. It was one of those day's that I could not wait to take my first bite into a piece of fried chicken. As I proceeded to get out of my truck to purchase my chicken, there was a young man sitting on the ground...  As our eyes connected he then asked me if I had any money to give him.  I told him No, that I only had enough to buy my chicken.  All of a sudden he started to complain that there was no hope, no hope for him for today, so I stopped to express to him that there is always hope.  At that time, what came out of his mouth shocked me - he said who, JESUS ?  Then, the next words spoken by him touched my heart... He told me "JESUS  will not show up for me today!"  All of a sudden, I opened my wallet and all I had was a $5.00 dollar bill.  I knew in that moment, the chicken I really wanted was not important! I then gave him the $5 dollars and right at that time, a customer came out of the take out restaurant and gave the young man two large slices of pizza.

My heart was so touched that JESUS  showed up for that young man on that day.  You see, it appeared to me that he was under the influence, but I could not judge him! The young man said thank you, surely seeing just how JESUS  showed up for him... This is not the end of the story... I traveled home and as I entered the house, my wife was in the kitchen and I proceeded to share with her this story.  (She knows how much I love chicken!)

I told her how JESUS  showed up and how it touched me...  All of a sudden my wife had a beautiful smile on her face and then she walked over to the oven, opened it and you will not believe what she was baking....  Yes, yes, yes, three big juicy pieces of chicken!  I could not believe it!  The funny thing was, it was very early in the day for her to be cooking!  All I know is this!  It is so true! "It is better to give than to receive!  JESUS  showed up for me too!  I love you JESUS , also a big hug for my wife!!!

         What If?




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