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"Stand up in the presence of the 'elderly' and show respect for the aged.  Fear your God.  I AM the LORD!"

                                                                                                                                                                        Lev 19:32


It is time to really think about the spiritual wisdom that our 'elders'

have to offer; for our world to come to a place of truth, that we can utilize in our daily lives, we must seek out the wisdom from our elders!  Imagine the unlimited resources that they have, by sharing with the world their life experiences.  As we honor our elders, as a society we can become wiser.  Get prepared as 'The One Source Network' begins to prepare a media platform, so our 'elders' can now speak their - TRUTH!   IT'S TIME!                       ELDERS' SPEAK 2

                   MR. WINSTON

             'IT'S COMING AGAIN'

                 October 13, 2021


         'DON'T GIVE UP HOPE'

             September 22, 2021

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